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dol_mktime ($hour, $minute, $second, $month, $day, $year, $gm=false, $check=1) Return a timestamp date built from detailed informations (by default a local PHP server timestamp) Replace function mktime not available under Windows dol_nboflines_bis ( $text, $maxlinesize = 0, $charset = 'UTF-8' ) Return nb of lines of a formated text with and (we can't have both and br) Parameters string$textText More... Referenced by pdf_aurore\_pagehead(), and pdf_standard\write_file(). this contact form

Parameters: array&$substitutionarray Array substitution old value => new value value Translate$outputlangs If we want substitution from special constants, we provide a language Object$object If we want substitution from special constants, we dol_html_entity_decode ($a, $b, $c='UTF-8') Replace html_entity_decode functions to manage errors. This function is used to define value to pass to filesystem PHP functions. you can replace: $mesg = "

". $langs->trans('xxx').""; ...... http://okfn.es/cuentas/build/html/d9/d69/functions_8lib_8php.html

References $resql, and dol_syslog(). Returns:void Definition at line 580 of file functions.lib.php. Referenced by Adherent::makeSubstitution(), pdf_pagefoot(), doc_generic_odt::write_file(), doc_generic_proposal_odt::write_file(), doc_generic_task_odt::write_file(), doc_generic_project_odt::write_file(), doc_generic_invoice_odt::write_file(), doc_generic_shipment_odt::write_file(), and doc_generic_order_odt::write_file(). empty($user->clicktodial_poste)?urlencode($user->clicktodial_poste):''); 1645 $clicktodial_login=(!

Example: '/mydir/mysubdir') string$datarootData root directory (To avoid having the data root in the loop. Referenced by CommActionRapport::_pages(). complete_substitutions_array ( &$ substitutionarray, $ outputlangs, $ object = '', $ parameters = null, $ callfunc = "completesubstitutionarray" ) Complete the $substitutionarray with more entries. dol_string_nospecial ($str, $newstr='_', $badchars='') Clean a string from all punctuation characters to use it as a ref or login.

boolean$encodetooutput false=no convert into output pagecode Returns:string Formated date or '' if time is null See also:dol_mktime, dol_stringtotime, dol_getdate Definition at line 794 of file functions.lib.php. More... Referenced by CommonObject::getFullAddress(), and pdf_build_address(). dolibarr_set_const($db, "MAIN_SESSION_TIMEOUT", $_POST["MAIN_SESSION_TIMEOUT"],'chaine',0,'',$conf->entity)) dol_print_error($db); else setEventMessage($langs->trans("RecordModifiedSuccessfully")); } else if ($action == 'MAIN_UPLOAD_DOC') { if (!

string$pictoAdd a picto on tab title int$pictoisfullpathIf 1, image path is a full path. empty($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"])) $data['ip'] = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; 656 // This is when PHP session is ran inside a web server but not inside a client request (example: init code of apache) 657 else if get_localtax ($tva, $local, $thirdparty_buyer="", $thirdparty_seller="") Return localtax rate for a particular vat, when selling a product with vat $tva, from a $thirdparty_buyer to a $thirdparty_seller Note: It applies same rule than Parameters: string$mesgstring Message array$mesgarray Messages array string$style Which style to use ('ok', 'warning', 'error') int$keepembedded Set to 1 if message must be kept embedded into its html place (this disable jnotify)

GETPOST("norss"),GETPOST($external_rss_title),'chaine',0,'',$conf->entity); if ($result1) $result2=dolibarr_set_const($db, "EXTERNAL_RSS_URLRSS_" . https://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/dolibarr-dev/2012-11/msg00005.html More... Should be useless. 543 if (empty($noescapebackslashn)) { $substitjs["\n"]='\\n'; $substitjs['\\']='\\\\'; } 544 if (empty($mode)) { $substitjs["'"]="\\'"; $substitjs['"']="\\'"; } 545 else if ($mode == 1) $substitjs["'"]="\\'"; 546 else if ($mode == 2) { dol_buildpath ($path, $type=0) Return path of url or filesystem.

empty($user->clicktodial_login)?urlencode($user->clicktodial_login):''); 1646 $clicktodial_password=(! weblink Referenced by modAdherent\__construct(), modSociete\__construct(), printing_printgcp\__construct(), MouvementStock\_create(), Product\_get_stats(), Stats\_getAmountByMonth(), Stats\_getAverageByMonth(), Stats\_getNbByMonth(), Adherent\_load_ldap_info(), pdf_paiement\_pagehead(), pdf_baleine\_pagehead(), pdf_merou\_pagehead(), pdf_soleil\_pagehead(), pdf_strato\_pagehead(), pdf_standard\_pagehead(), pdf_beluga\_pagehead(), pdf_typhon\_pagehead(), pdf_rouget\_pagehead(), pdf_canelle\_pagehead(), pdf_muscadet\_pagehead(), pdf_einstein\_pagehead(), pdf_azur\_pagehead(), pdf_crabe\_pagehead(), CommActionRapport\_pages(), pdf_einstein\_tableau_info(), pdf_aurore\_tableau_info(), pdf_azur\_tableau_info(), pdf_crabe\_tableau_versements(), pdf_canelle\_tableau_versements(), empty($conf->openstreetmap->enabled) && ! More...

dol_strlen ($string, $stringencoding='UTF-8') Make a strlen call. dolGetFirstLineOfText ($text) Return first line of text. Parameters: string$prefixcode Prefix of public error code Returns:void Definition at line 2360 of file functions.lib.php. navigate here dol_get_fiche_head ($links=array(), $active='0', $title='', $notab=0, $picto='', $pictoisfullpath=0) Show tab header of a card.

References getServerTimeZoneInt(). Toutefois, il faut essayer de ne l'appeler qu'au sein de pages php, les classes devant renvoyer leur erreur par l'intermediaire de leur propriete "error". empty($conf->openstreetmap->enabled) && !

Such values are declared into $conf->modules_parts['tab'].

Home Explore Help Sign In Cadoles / dolibarr-photocopies Watch 5 Star 0 Fork 0 Code Issues 0 Pull Requests 0 Commits 17 Releases 0 Wiki No Description Branch: master Branches Tags dol_htmlentities ( $string, $flags = null, $encoding = 'UTF-8', $double_encode = false ) Replace htmlentities functions to manage errors http://php.net/manual/en/function.htmlentities.php Goal of this function is to be dolibarr_set_const($db, "MAIN_UMASK", $_POST["MAIN_UMASK"],'chaine',0,'',$conf->entity)) dol_print_error($db); else setEventMessage($langs->trans("RecordModifiedSuccessfully")); } else if ($action == 'MAIN_ANTIVIRUS_COMMAND') { if (! dol_osencode ( $ str ) Return an UTF-8 string encoded into OS filesystem encoding.

More... img_object ($titlealt, $picto, $options= '', $pictoisfullpath=false) Show a picto called object_picto (generic function) More... References dol_mktime(), dol_strlen(), dol_substr(), and dol_syslog(). his comment is here More...

Solution is simple to apply as this troubles only needs simple troubleshoot given that errors are recognized. References dol_osencode(), and dol_syslog(). dol_sanitizeFileName ($str, $newstr='_', $unaccent=1) Clean a string to use it as a file name. Note: Calling dol_htmloutput_events is done into pages by standard llxFooter() function, so there is no need to call it explicitely.

empty($_GET["log"])) 641 { 642 print "\n\n\n"; 645 } 646 647 $data = array( 648 'message' => $message, 649 'script' => (isset($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])? empty($conf->google->enabled) && ! getEntity ($element=false, $shared=0) Get list of entity id to use. utf8_check ($str) Check if a string is in UTF8.

More... Referenced by DolEditor\__construct(), BordereauChequeBlochet\_pagefoot(), Form\editfieldval(), Adherent\makeSubstitution(), pdf_getlinedesc(), pdf_getlinenum(), pdf_getlineref(), pdf_getlineref_supplier(), pdf_pagefoot(), CommonObject\printObjectLine(), Adherent\send_an_email(), show_ldap_content(), show_list_sending_receive(), pdf_merou\write_file(), pdf_baleine\write_file(), pdf_rouget\write_file(), pdf_soleil\write_file(), pdf_beluga\write_file(), pdf_strato\write_file(), pdf_typhon\write_file(), pdf_canelle\write_file(), pdf_aurore\write_file(), pdf_standard\write_file(), pdf_azur\write_file(), pdf_muscadet\write_file(), pdf_einstein\write_file(), and pdf_crabe\write_file(). dol_htmlentitiesbr ($stringtoencode, $nl2brmode=0, $pagecodefrom='UTF-8', $removelasteolbr=1) This function is called to encode a string into a HTML string but differs from htmlentities because a detection is done before to see if text Ok, but what is the name of the function that can display such a message ?