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Used for any program that uses C-dilla Protection, example: 3D Studio Max 4.x. N Detector detector.exe USB port detector for LG scanners. U 3Deep Control Panel 3DeepCTL.EXE Aggiunto dal correttore di luce, contrasto e colori E-Color - 3Deep® per tutti i vostri giochi 2D e 3D. series soundcards.

Small utility that runs in the background for doing fax/copy/etc. N ?? Nota: Ci sono due virus tuttora in circolazione che qualche volta aggiungono degli elementi diversi nella lista dei programmi da avviare automaticamente. Available via Start -> Programs U distributed.net client DNETC.EXE Dsitributed computing projects client from Distributed.net where numerous computers are used to share a projects workload - similar to [email protected] and [email protected] http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/startups/DNE_DUN_Watchdog-1384.html

Not required for most users - more likely to be used by system administrators, for example ? Required if you use "Sound Play Control" and "Sound Recorder". Suele iniciarse junto con Windows bajo el nombre de DNE DUN Watchdog y el comando o archivo rundll dnes.dll,DnDneCheckDUN13. Vedere qui per ulterioni informazioni su WinModem ? 3cpipe-USRpdA USRmlnkA.exe Relativo a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)?

Also prone to being distributed by viruses ? There are also some instances where the dnes.dll document is infected by virus, spyware or Trojan. Required for Winfax to answer incoming faxes. They send information on the "Compaq Advisor/Compaq Message Screener" application that comes with every Compaq computer and provide feedback on how computer users use the Message Advisor.

Indispensabile solo se utilizzate questi servizi N AAATraySaver TraySaver.exe System Tray management utility from Mike Lin which allows you to hide, show, restore icons that are lost in an Explorer crash, N Configuration Utility CONFIG.EXE Controls linksys wireless connection. It doesn't take up any room in memory, just activates in the event of certain program failures U Button Server bttnserv.exe Found on a Compaq PC, for the extra buttons on DAW9532.exe DAW9532.EXE Loaded during installation of some 3Com network cards.

It is even money if you will be able to read the files off the camera without this X DDCMan DDCMan.exe Digital Distribution Channel from WildTangent - adware X DDCActiveMenu DDCActiveMenu.exe Solutions to the Problems of Setup Internet With Windows Vista What does The Dhcpbinl Service Has Determined That mean? Disabling it impacts on the reported last scan date. U 3qdctl.exe 3qdctl.exe Aggiunto da Terratec 128i PCI e schede audio simili.

Part of initial setup X Configuration Loader loadcfg32.exe Added as a result of the LOADCFG VIRUS or variants of the SDBOT VIRUSES! http://www.dllexefixed.com/process/en/dnes.dll/ Name DNE DUN Watchdog Filename rundll dnes.dll, DnDneCheckDUN13 Command Unknown at this time. Required for proper functioning of the pointing software but not required for the laptop to work N America Online *.* Tray Icon aoltray.exe Puts AOL icon in System Tray (*.* denotes N 1A:MacVisionTrayMonitor TrayMonitor.exe Inserito dal programma di monitoraggio delle icone MacVision (Nota : programma di Stardock) N 1A:Stardock TrayMonitor TrayServer.exe Per il monitoraggio delle icone di sitema N 3cdminic 3CDMINIC.EXE 3Com

If you don't have scans scheduled you don't need it X AveoAttune atmdlusr.exe Related to AttuneClientEngine above U AVG_CC or avgcc32 avgcc32.exe AVG anti-virus control center - loads the System Tray CGServer cgserver.exe Associated with an Eicon Networks Diva ISDN or ADSL modem. Not normally required. For Compaq PC's.

DashIE N/A Could be related to "Dash Power Shopping" tool bar in IE? ? U CherryKeyMan KeyMan.exe Multimedia keyboard manager for the Cherry keyboard series. Available via Start -> Programs N DigiGuide CLIENT.EXE or client01.exe TV guide and reminder N Digital Dashboard devgulp.exe For Compaq PC's. Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL identifies programs that are currently running - not necessarily at startup.

The malicious program will take the place of the legitimate dnes.dll file with dangerous documents that might steal personal info or information out of your computer. >>Download dnes.dll Error Fixer<< How Manual & Automatic Solution Fixing Dnes.dll All By Yourself 1. Back to alphanumeric index B Name/Startup Item Command Comments X b3d BDEsecureinstall.exe B3d Projector - installed along with the KaZaA file sharing utility.

Useful for detecting spyware N bigfix BIGFIX.EXE BigFix can automatically download and read technical support information provided by computer and software manufacturers and other technical support experts (published in the form

Available via Start -> Programs U AdSubtract adsub.exe AdSubtract blocks ads, cookies, pop-up windows, animations, music, and more U ADUserMon ADUserMon.exe Part of Iomega's Active Disk - allows software applications to U Alogserv Alogserv.exe From McAfee VirusScan for logging scanning activities. Ppermette il collegamento a Windows e la CPU durante i processi di WinModems - non funziona senza. DEFINITELY not needed.

Available via Start -> Programs ? Apvxdwin APVXDWIN.EXE Part of Panda Anti-Virus. The file dnes.dll is located in a subfolder of "C:\Program Files". U bugwatcher service bugwatcher.exe Bugtoaster is a service that sends reports on system/program crashes (certain types) back to Bugtoaster.

For a full description see here. N CallControl ftctrl32.exe FaxTalk Messenger Pro is a Windows TAPI based 32-bit application. Start the program before inserting a DirectCD formatted CD-RW in the drive. If you require further assistance for this file, feel free to ask about in the forums.