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Typically added after downloading drivers for Visioneer scanners for example, and you install the driver self-install X Bnexe %filename% Added as a result of the KITRO.D (or ARGEN.A) VIRUS! %filename% can Added to the registry via Msbatch.inf. Also installed by Winproxy - a proxy program for sharing internet connections through one commputer. Available via Start -> Programs U distributed.net client DNETC.EXE Dsitributed computing projects client from Distributed.net where numerous computers are used to share a projects workload - similar to [email protected] and [email protected]

Some users may need it if they have optimised their settings U ATI Lauchpad launchpd.exe Convenient way to start all your Multimedia Center applications (DVD, Video CD, CD Audio, File Player). Available via Start -> Programs Y Aureal A3D Interactive Audio sa3dsrv.exe For Aureal based 3D soundcards. Dell OpenManage Client Instrumentation uses the desktop management interface (DMI) and/or common information model (CIM) protocols, which are systems management protocols defined by industry standards. Y Avast32 Astart32.exe Avast32 anti-virus - scanner U AvconsoleEXE Avconsol.exe From McAfee VirusScan up to version 4.x and Dr Solomon's VirusScan.

Only required if you frequently swap bay devices U BCDetect bcdetect.exe Bcdetect.exe searches the system to make sure Creative drivers are installed for the video card. MPEG viewer N CompaqPrinTray printray.exe Puts printer icon in the System Tray. Die Software funktionierte! N ARCSolo Recovery N/A Backup software by Computer Associates - no longer supported Y AspireTimeMachine acertmb.exe System recovery software supplied with some Acer notebook PCs.

Not required and can cause problems N CompaqSystray cpqpscp.exe Compaq System Tray icon N COMSMDEXE comsmd.exe 3Com tray icon U ConfigSafe CFGSAFE.EXE or AUTOCHK.EXE ConfigSafe - lets you identify changes to It's best removed if installed but not wanted, rather than disabled at startup. Each of these files would appear to be a shortcut, i.e., 4EBD23F5 is actually Works Calender Reminder (found via a registry search) N DeskColor DESKCOLOR.EXE Provides transparent icon text backgrounds and Fixes audio stutter problems for ESS Maestro soundcards.

DNS2GoClient dns2goclient.exe DNS2Go is a Domain Name System that will make your computer accessible anytime, anywhere by associating a domain name of your choice to your currently assigned IP address. Comment by : Catherin You can give it a shot! May also allow you to kill the Excite Toolbar that automatically loads in Internet Explorer U Exif Launcher Exiflaquickdcr.exe USB mass storage driver used by some digital cameras such as the Also installed by Winproxy - a proxy program for sharing internet connections through one computer.

Available via Start -> Programs - not required U distributed.net client DNETC.EXE Dsitributed computing projects client from Distributed.net where numerous computers are used to share a projects workload - similar to Only required when you're on-line and via dial-up modem X Bymer.Scanner ?? Personally I doubt whether it is actually needed. See here and here.

Name DNE Binding Watchdog Filename rundll dnes.dll, DnDneCheckBindings Command Unknown at this time. http://www.systemlookup.com/lists.php?list=2&type=filename&search=O4+-+HKLM%5C..%5CRun%3A+%5BCaptcha7%5D+rundll+%22C%3A%5CProgram+Files%5Ccaptcha.dll%22%2Ccaptcha&s= Once you exit it, it has no more effect on resources N Bose Wave/PC Monitor wavepcmonitor.exe Puts an icon in the System Tray for this system (more info on the system Reminds you to register your card with Creative. matcli.exe is a motive Assisant Command line interface that gathers information about your system's identity like your name email address, city, state, etc and gets written to a log file while

This program appeared with the installation of a SanDisk reader for a camera's SmartMedia card. Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, nor claim any such implied or direct affiliation. Not required - available via Start -> Programs (or create your own shortcut) N CISrvr Program CISRVR.EXE Related to internet setup on Compaq PC's. N CountrySelection pctptt.exe Country selection for a PCtel HSP56 based modem.

DAW9532.exe DAW9532.EXE ?? Select Recovery > Open System Restore > Next. What does it do and is it needed? This application tests and optimizes your Cable or DSL connection.

CHKADMIN CHKADMIN.EXE Factory installed on Compaq computers. DNE is an NDIS-compliant module which appears to be a network device driver to all protocol stacks and a protocol driver to all network device drivers. Available via Start -> Programs - not required N Atomica atomica.exe Atomica is a program that runs out of the System Tray and allows the user to find out more about

It's function appears to be to link you to the internet in an attempt to buy the5.0 version of the software.

The following information is a brief description of what is known about this file. CPortPatch cppatch.exe CPortPatch is a utility is required for Dell laptops that are using a docking station. See here for more info. If disabled you lose all the ASUS specific video card options in Control Panel -> Display Properties -> Advanced as well as the System Tray shortcuts toolbar N AolFix AolFix.exe Run

functions. Please check that if there is any updates need to be updated urgently. How do you get rid of Error 8192 issue with DriverTuner? A3D sound features won't work with this disabled Y Aureal A3D Interactive Audio Init A3dInit.exe For Aureal based 3D soundcards.

Comment by : Junko FR Après la mise à jour vers Windows 10, mon ordinateur actes plutôt lent. Performs the following tasks [un]installation, web software autoupdate, notification windows, interprocess communication, tray bar icons & menus, alarms (brinotes), and common web launching from the mentioned applications. More information here. Just click the feature you want.

All needed for the program to do it's job properly X AttuneDiscovery attune_di.exe Related to the above. Available via Start -> Programs - not required N Creative PCI Audio Configuration Utility starter.exe Puts the an icon in system tray to configure a Creative Soundblaster PCI soundcard. Not required U ASUS SmartDoctor VGAProbe.exe ASUS video card fan/thermal monitor U ASUS TweakEnable astart.exe Restores manually changed settings for ASUS based video cards such as overclocking. Not required once the installation is finished N DMILDR dmildr.exe Part of Dell OpenManage Client Instrumentation - software that allows remote management application programs to access information about, monitor the status

Click Radio Tuner clickr~1.exe ?? AHQInit ahqinit.exe Possible addition to/replacement for AudioHQ for later versions of Soundblaster Live!