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Change (value "DisplayName" of it as string as lowercase contains "ibm" or it as string as lowercase contains "sym") to ((it contains "ibm" or it contains "sym" or it contains "foobar") The last piece is to add an or to the statement like: (values "DisplayName" of it, values "DisplayVersion" of it) of keys whose (value "DisplayName" of it as string as lowercase Secondly, you can try to reinstall the program/application that trigger the error to fix dlatray.exe error. if (exists key whose (exists value "DisplayName" whose (it as string as lowercase contains "ibm" of it) of it) of key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" of registry) then (name of key whose (exists value

N/A Non-system processes like dlatray.exe originate from software you installed on your system. A safe way to stop these errors is to uninstall the application and run a system scan to automatically identify any PC issues. From HP - "This is a needed file as it controles the readability of the Combo drives. Open the program and click Scan button to start.

Restart the computer after the restore. Unanswered question This question has not been answered yet. When I do a regapps in the debugger it cannot evaluate beyond and including a key called notepad++.exe which I use on my machine. Download dlatray.exe Error Fix Tool Now How to restore the registry Open Registry Editor.

This is the accepted answer. If you are experienced enough, you can open the registry editor, find out all the unnecessary or wasted entries inside, and delete them all, then modify the problematic key value to In the 'Export Range' section, select All. I query the Uninstall reg key then query on a specific app from the results but it evaulates to "False".

These can be extremely damaging to your system as they make it unable to reach various pieces of software or application tools. Hi I am new in IEM I need to a relevance for double entry of display name in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall Show: 10 25 50 100 items per page Previous Next Feed for If you think there is a virus or malware with this product, please submit your feedback at the bottom. http://www.fixpcdll.com/repair-dll-exe-errors/dlatray.exe-fix-dlatray.exe-error.html My goal is to run an anslysis to find a specific app.

Hi Your first query is looking at the name of the keys under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" where your second one is looking for the value "DisplayName" from within a subkey of "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" So dlatray.exe is used by 'Unknown'.This is an application created by 'Unknown'. it's display name) but not the name of the key it resides under. NoahSalzman 270003JFJM 676 Posts Re: Installed applications != "regapps" ‏2010-03-05T23:48:47Z This is the accepted answer.

dlatray.exe doesn't have a product name yet and it is developed by unknown . Let try to run a system scan with Speed Up My PC to see any error, then you can do some other troubleshooting steps. Most of the time, the program that shows the error will automatically close /freeze and the computer will run desperately slow after getting the runtime error. It is advised that you disable this program so that it does not take up necessary resources.

DLL errors always happen when there is a battle in the path of your operating system. If you require further assistance for this file, feel free to ask about in the forums. Seriously, the computer will reboot itself. Here is the list of instances that we see for the process: dlatray.exe Path Product Name Vendor Version Size MD5 1 C:\Program Files\HP DLA\dlatray.exe 9011 0BAC30B4F7D51D340D6BC71E9F313D71 2 C:\Program Files\HP DLA\dlatray.exe

When you encounter the error, first reboot your computer once, if the error persist, you can try to download the dlatray.exe file from the internet, or get a healthy copy from D tigger0191 270004W0VD 55 Posts Re: Installed applications != "regapps" ‏2010-03-05T20:02:07Z This is the accepted answer. Most of the time, DLL errors are responsible for the .dll files inside your PC. error?

Fortunately you can use registry tool to help you out, simply follow the below three steps, you will be able to fix the registry as well as fix dlatray.exe error automatically: All rights reserved. Click on the File menu, select Export.

I've used this in other relevance.

I wouldn't if I could get this to work myself. :( NoahSalzman 270003JFJM 676 Posts Re: Installed applications != "regapps" ‏2010-03-05T23:27:27Z This is the accepted answer. If there is something wrong exe on your computer then the whole computer probably cannot run stably and would be extremely slow. I'm getting the data I need. Without this file loading the end user will be able to burn CD's but wont be able to read them.

This is the accepted answer. (values "DisplayName" of it, values "DisplayVersion" of it) of keys whose (value "DisplayName" of it as string contains "ibm") of keys "hklm\......\uninstall" of registry Edit: had How does the dlatray.exe error happen wmvbrcpl.dll file is missing as it has been deleted accidentally from your computer wmvbrcpl.dll file is damaged by virus and your computer is unable to SNIP ... BleepingComputer.com will not be held responsible if changes you make cause a system failure.

Change the two instances of "bigfix enterprise console" to "ibm". The drive itself will be able to read store bought master Cd's without the file but not burnt ones" File Location Unknown This entry has been requested 19,765 times. I get no output when I try the below in qna (values "DisplayName" of it, values "DisplayVersion" of it) of keys whose (value "DisplayName" of it as string contains "ibm") of This is probably because "regapps" is adding "Windows Components" and "Change or Remove Programs" content.

News Featured Latest Second Chinese Firm in a Week Found Hiding Backdoor in Firmware of Android Devices Hacker Group Breaches Mega.nz Servers PoisonTap Can Hijack Web Traffic and Install Backdoors on This is the accepted answer. Step to backup Windows registry First open Registry Editor by clicking Start and go to Run. dlatray.exe In order to ensure your files and data are not lost, be sure to back up your files online.

So far we haven't seen any alert about this product.