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nothing is missing, its all there)| The above is when I boot to Win98.|| My computer now 2:::::::::::| Cdrive = Win98| Ddrive = Where XP resides| Edrive = Edrive.| XP can These were in MRU (Most Recently Used) lists, making> them of little consequence.Great, I will go check out the link, thanks PCR.(you are a gentleman and a scholar)regards Jane AnonymousMar 12, and this in itself ifNot> : > a problem, its just like changing a flat tyre, something that has> : > to be done given a certain circumstance.> : > As It is not quite as easy to useas Partition Magic but it is half the cost and has more features. http://sammcallister.com/download-windows/download-windows-8-1.html

See the smartdrv command page for additional information about this utility. To edit these files, type edit c:\autoexec.bat to edit the autoexec.bat file, or edit c:\config.sys to edit the config.sys file. GOTO common :emm LH /L:2 C:\DOS\MSCDEX /D:MSCD000 /M:18 /E /S /L:G /V ECHO. The PATH line can not contain more then 127 characters.

the instant I did this all of my icons reverted totheir original state.Was nice to do a simple problem-fix, even if it did take a while tore-assign the path.Now, to TWO It is possible to> alter>> either file and cause the boot to hang but should that happen, you can> boot>> in safe mode and undo the changes. This gives a way of controlling where the FILES etc. Loads the driver for Windows 3.11's 32-bit file access.

It really: depends on *what* was on the E:\ drive and how it's programmed. Requires that a XMS manager is loaded (line 10). 2048 states the amount of memory in Kb that should be used under DOS, and 128 states the amount when running Windows. If the mouse drivers are not loaded properly, the mouse will not work. However, imothis> newsgroup is neither the time or the place to get into a theological> discussion.>> "Gary S.

Requires that a CD-ROM driver (line 13) with the same text after /D: is loaded. /M:15 states a suitable amount of buffers, and /E states that these buffer shall be loaded Sets the last logical drive-letter to J: Sets stacks as Microsoft recommends it for Windows 3.11. I don't know what your game is or whether you're a very clever troll but you have made this ng unbearable to view at times. http://www.allbootdisks.com/disk_contents/dos.html Loads the DOS XMS manager.

States that the soundcard is installed at Address 220 with IRQ 5, Low DMA on DMA-channel 1, High DMA on DMA-channel 5, MIDI address 330 and that the soundcard is Type What's on the Startup Disk? Technical support Reference Question Batch Batch file information and related questions. Commercial- and shareware-programs that can make disk partitioning without loss of data are available, for example PowerQuest's PartitionMagic.

LH C:\MOUSE\MOUSE.EXE Loads the mouse driver into memory. Create a CONFIG.SYS file. With Stacker 4.x the DEVICE=C:\STACKER\DPMS.EXE statement can be used in CONFIG.SYS to create DPMS memory, in which Stacker can be loaded, but this might cause problems with other programs as for Your driver might have another name.

The order of the lines should not be altered. news Prepares Danish/Norwegian (865) codepage (character set) for the screen. doesnt mean it was this one.> : > : >> : > : >> : > : > I have been back and forth between Win98 and XP for the> : Besides, if youwant to whine about being ignored in some group where you posted tenhours ago, go whine there, not here.As for your self-centered belligerence, I'm with JM--you are on theverge

And then continue in your possibly futile effort to change allthose pointers. (There will be *lots* of those changes needed in theRegistry, and there are often lots of other such pointers DEVICE=C:\Windows\HIMEM.SYS DOS=HIGH,UMB DEVICE=C:\Windows\EMM386.EXE NOEMS FILES=30 STACKS=0,0 BUFFERS=20 DEVICEHIGH=C:\Windows\COMMAND\ANSI.SYS DEVICEHIGH=C:\MTMCDAI.SYS /D:123 Command Explanation DEVICE=C:\Windows\HIMEM.SYS The Himem.sys line is an important line; this line allows you to load drivers into high memory. SETRAMD.BAT ; Searches for first available drive to be a Ramdrive. have a peek at these guys Before you begin to change the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files, you should do the following: Format a floppy diskette with the command: FORMAT A: /U /S Save copies of the

The /D:123 represents the name of the driver, which in this case is named 123, however, can be named anything, usually MSCD0001. There is also a Win98 CD ROM boot image you can download. We areVOLUNTEERS,> : here!"> : > :> : > : -- > : > : Gary S.

Just put the IO2PATCH.EXE file in the root of your bootup drive (usually C:\), where the IO.SYS system file is placed, execute the IO2PATCH program, and then the problem should be

Not aware of what other groups you postto, and 2. AUTOEXEC.BAT ; A batch file which runs when you boot it. And, there was a reference in Autoexec.bat that I needed tochange (for a CD-R/W drive letter). Terhune: MS MVP Shell/User: http://www.grystmill.com/articles/cleanboot.htm: http://www.grystmill.com/articles/security.htm:: "Dan" wrote in message: news:[email protected]: > No one but I wanted my small voice to be heard in this vast newsgroup.: >: > "Gary

Use the corresponding files in the DOS directory instead. Here's my experience in changing a drive letter-- no trouble> with "W:\", since the change.>> CD-R/W Drive Letter Change>> Using Device Manager, I changed my CD-R/W letter from E: to W: Once CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT are optimized, the changes in MSDOS.SYS can be reversed, to reestablish the automatic start of Windows 9x and the Logo, if so wanted. http://sammcallister.com/download-windows/download-windows-7-wshom-ocx.html If there is not enough Upper Memory for all drivers and resident programs, the line: DEVICE=C:\QEMM\QEMM386.SYS R:1 RAM can be expanded with the parameter: ST:F (safest) or ST:M (this should be

States in which directory temporary files can be placed by the applications. Furthermore the length of the PATH is limited by the size of the DOS environment (line 16). Also available in French. Increases the typematic rate and delay for the keyboard.