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Don't be stupid! Why would I want to keep typing the name over and over to start it? Tim You don't need me to hold your hand while you do a Google search, do you? Its wrong and you should buy one. this content

Naveed Hussain wow so nice.So great admin very nice your work is really appreciate able or an email, Spyhunter 4 Crack i'd love you catch up with you in the future If you're so chuffed about re-enabling desktop icons which is a simple setting that everyone knows, why are you pissed that the start menu is gone? See, that's the great thing about building your own computers, you aren't forced to use whatever OS the OEM uses. I know exactly how the process works. https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/windows8ISO

MS to Windows 7 user: Since you want to keep doing a desktop-only existance you can stay with W7, we already have your money for that and sooner or later your I hope someone can help me! Old people I bet. Microsoft is literally going backwards with the "Search for apps to run." Danmansonman umm, no.

Typing 2 or 3 letters and pressing enter is in no way the same as navigating to and running applications in dos. It has no place on an enterprise desktop. Szulák Mária If you are buying a good unlock for AT&T locked iphones, you can take a look at attiphoneunlocking.(com), it's among the most reliable unlocking site on the internet. That's why I bought Apple and they always update leopard through yosemite free so its a good deal than Microsoft keep release new versions and still cost us to buy again

win8 is for the media and app consumer, not the word processing, database, spreadsheet, scientific simulation user. Clicking Start -> All Apps in Windows 8 (if you insist on the slow way) is no different to clicking Start -> All Programs in XP/Vista/7, so there's really no point If you used the old start menu to get to your documents etc, then you now click the brown explorer icon that was already pinned to the task bar when you http://softlay.net/operating-system/windows-8-1-pro-iso-download.html nope, that's there, actually there's an extra way to access the control panel, via win+x (or right click start).

I get the feeling that you cannot accept people doing things other than your way isn't slow or inefficient, that people can hold different opinons of you, or that the "latest from the comfort of your PC!- Full Batteries : Playing iOS games on ... 6 741 votes 825K downloads PROS: Includes lots of interesting web applications, Customizable interface, App Store-style sidebar, Vista's was even better. Sometimes, I wonder why you ever breath on Earth.

If the Start menu was such a terrible idea, it wouldn't have survived for 17 years, and receive this much feedback to it's removal. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/168685-how-to-download-and-install-windows-8-1-for-free Drakkenfyre You just can't not help replying, can you? But to be perfectly honest I really was rarely using that last one. VirtualMark I was just going by the price quoted on this article.

The fact is, we do everything we always did on previous editions of windows, and we're doing it faster now. news nickscomputerfix Inscrever-seInscritoCancelar inscrição81.71281 mil Carregando... They still have the desktop, multi-tasking, cascading windows, administrative controls, software compatibility, file management, a choice of browser. If the Start menu was so slow, why didn't you replace it by now?

Danmansonman I've used PC's since windows 3.11, before the start menu, age has nothing to do with it. VirtualMark Ah, so you're saying that you don't know what a benchmark is? All links are generated dynamically and we seriously dont like hotlinking to steal traffic. have a peek at these guys DMCA Privacy Policy Report & Abuse Sitemap Contact Us Feedback+ Softlay © 2016.

You're more than welcome to stay in the past. Liked 3798 (64%) of 5883 Do you like this video? VirtualMark Just stupid it is then… VirtualMark Just stupid it is then… Drakkenfyre "while i enjoy dx 11.2 whit an actual graphics card that supports it." Please enjoy the handful or

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    Also, start menu, desktop, taskbar, voice command, command prompt; once you get into an application who cares how you had to get it open. John Start8 better than Classic Shell's start menu button? Update served one of the most talked about issues ever, relating operating systems. http://sammcallister.com/download-windows/download-windows-7-wshom-ocx.html I wouldn't hire anyone to begin with if he or she was not smart enough to use a simple windows OS.

    Processando... Never used it and don't need to, though my understanding is that it's a good OS (plural, I guess, given how many variations there are). About | Advertise | Privacy Policy | Tip Us Also, calling it "CMD" shows your age, calling what is essentially the DOS prompt "CMD" started with Windows XP.

    There were other niggling issues too, but Microsoft has quietly made available a tool that goes quite a long way towards rectifying a good few of hose issues.