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Verify that the network path is correct and the destination computer is not busy or turned off. It may also mean that the file is being used by someone on the network, and it must be closed in order to rename it. Invalid number of parameters When the command was typed, something was left out that DOS needed by the command, it was mistyped, or a space was placed where one was not The following list describes system error codes (errors 0 to 499). http://sammcallister.com/dos-error/dos-error-52.html

This meant the drive door was left open or a diskette was not in the floppy drive. See our elevated mode for information about this mode and how to enter the mode. Cannot find system files - DOS cannot find your system files Directory already exists - You tried to create a directory with the same name Disk Full - Message that comes ERROR_SUCCESS 0 (0x0) The operation completed successfully. ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION 1 (0x1) Incorrect function. ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND 2 (0x2) The system cannot find the file specified. ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND 3 (0x3) The system cannot http://stanislavs.org/helppc/dos_error_codes.html

Dos Error Codes List

Invalid Switch The wrong slash was typed, for example: "cd/" instead of "cd\." Non-System disk or disk error Invalid or Non System Disk error. Duplicate file name or file not found When attempting to rename a file, the file does not exist or there is already a file with that name. This error may also occur if you are using a backslash instead of a forward slash for switches on commands. If this is given when trying to read the hard drive, you may need to format the hard drive as it could be failing or already bad.

or Access dened can also be caused when a file or directory has read-only attributes, is being modified by another person or program, or other permissions preventing the action. If you have additional suggestions regarding the System Error Codes documentation, given the constraints enumerated at the top of the page, please click the link labeled "Send comments about this topic Wild cards may cause errors. Dbfntx/1001 Invalid number of parameters - When the command was typed something was left out that DOS needed by the command, mistyped the command.

A program bug can also cause this as well as a virus. This error is commonly encountered when attempting to read a diskette that is not readable or if no disk or disc in the drive trying to be read. Invalid parameter - Typed a command correctly but specified the incorrect parameter such as format /z Invalid Switch - The wrong slash was typed such as cd/ when it is supposed Each one can occur in one of many hundreds of locations in the system.

General Failure - Something bad has occurred and DOS not know what to say so it just gives you this error if this is giving when try reading the Hard drive Dos Error 64 Internal Stack Failure DOS has gotten completely confused. Copyright © 2009 Compulink Business Systems. The Biggest Software Flops of All Time The Eerie World of Abandoned Arcade Games TV Shows to Watch if You Love 'Stranger Things' »See More About Connect Ziff Davis Sites Subscribe

Dos Error 2

Turn off the computer and restart. page You need to note both the programmatic and the run-time context in which these errors occur. Dos Error Codes List THESE COPYRIGHTED DEFINITIONS ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Dos Error 59 File cannot be copied onto itself An attempt to copy a file could not be completed because the file already exists or same source and destination.

Invalid directory The directory name cannot be found. http://sammcallister.com/dos-error/dos-error-41.html Write protect error The floppy disk has been protected and data cannot be recorded. Additional information Extended MS-DOS error codes See the error definition for further information and other errors encountered with computers. Invalid media type DOS does not recognize the format of the drive being referenced. Dos Error 3

Invalid drive specification - Drive does not exist on the computer or cannot be found. Testing memory, testing for viruses and removing peripheral boards one at a time are ways to isolate the problem. CD-ROM receiving power but does not work. his comment is here System Error Codes (0-499) Note  The information on this page is intended to be used by programmers so that the software they write can better deal with errors.

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Dos %errorlevel% This error is often caused by an error in the program you're running on your computer. Write protect - Tried to write to a disk that is write protected Copyright © 2014 Escotal.Com Dos Error Messages (HW124) The most common DOS errors encountered are

Information about editing and viewing the config.sys can be found on our autoexec.bat and config.sys page.

All rights reserved. File cannot be copied onto itself - An attempt to copy a file could not be completed because the file already exists or same source and destination. Invalid file name or file not found This error occurs when attempting to rename, copy, or otherwise manipulate a file the file does not exist. Dos Return Code Because these codes are defined in WinError.h for anyone to use, sometimes the codes are returned by non-system software.

Please try the request again. If you are an end-user that is experiencing difficulty with an application you are installing or running, contact customer support for the software that is displaying the error message. Drive A: Does not exist - This message occurs when you have a dirty diskette Drive not ready error - Disk in the drive is not readable, such as a disk http://sammcallister.com/dos-error/dos-error-8.html The disk has been corrupted in some manner and is not readable.

Description Suggested Action 1 Invalid function number 2 File not found Make sure that the named file is present in the relevant directory. 3 Path not found Check Autoexec.bat to ensure This error often occurs when you're typing a directory in the MS-DOS or the Windows command line that has spaces in it. Parse error A parse error occurs when the command you're typing in has invalid syntax. For example, the command type *.* would cause this error because only one file can be Typed at one time.